Lot 19 - $299,900.00 - Square Feet: 9600

Lisa Hyland, Realtor   Lisa Hyland   Email: LHyland@email.com   (610) 972-6569

4355 Hearthside Drive, Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH 44041


This is a pull in lot that totals 9,600 square feet. It is West facing and on the edge of our preserve meadows, distant views onto Hearthside Lake. This lot has additional features which include built-in patio spaces with a large, covered pavilion. The Pavilion is equipped with lighting, ceiling fans, gas fireplace, grill, TV and premium lounge seating and dining table.

  • Level cement pads that are 70’ x 20’ wit4 a
  • Pedestal that supplies full hooks for electric, water, sewer and WIFI
  • Bistro table and chairs
  • Accessible
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Lisa Hyland, Realtor
Lisa Hyland
6300 Lake Road W
Geneva, OH 44041-7615
Email: LHyland@email.com
(610) 972-6569